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I am Vassiliki Plomaritou, a Greek mum of an amazing 27 years old girl and of a pug called Pumba. We live in Richmond, Surrey, a place that I was dreaming about for over 10 years. I wish the rest of my family was here with us, I miss them everyday and especially my little niece, Anna Maria.

I love exploring new places such as parks, castles and villages with my husband, my daughter and my dog. Also, I love books, flowers and films, especially comedies. I am passionate about teaching children emotional intelligence skills that will last a lifetime.

I have already published four books about emotional intelligence for children in primary school, a program for reading and spelling difficulties, another one for anxiety, fear and panic attacks and the last one which will be published in January 2019, is about the emotional intelligence of teachers. All of them are in Greek but I promise you that I will publish through my blog some important extracts of my books in English in order to show you all my love and respect. I have published one book in English “Charlie a boy with reading difficulties and his dream” which is an award winning book inspired by the real life of a young boy who experiences learning difficulties due to dyslexia.

You can buy my books here and of course they are available in all bookstores in Greece:
The development of the emotional intelligence of primary school children:
A practical resource for primary school children with reading and spelling difficulties:
Without fear, without anxiety:
The last panic attack

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I will happily give you any information you need! I would love to hear from you!

I apologize for not being word-perfect in English as it is not my mother tongue but I will do my best 🙂

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Vassiliki xxx

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