Covid-19: Mental health exercises to face this incredibly challenging situation

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Most of us are very scared of what tomorrow will bring.

Use breathing to release tension from panic attacks and relax.

Use breathing to reduce symptoms of intense stress.

Good breathing habits will enhance your psychological and physical wellbeing, whether you practice them alone or in combination with other relaxation techniques.

Breathing exercises have been Found to be effective in reducing generalized anxiety disorders, panic attacks, irritability, muscle tension, and fatigue.

They are used in the treatment and prevention of breath holding, hyperventilation and shallow breathing.

Lie on your back and gently place one hand on your abdomen and one hand on your chest and follow your breathing. Notice how your abdomen rises with each inhalation and falls with each exhalation.

If you are seated while you do these exercises, remember to maintain good posture with your head comfortably balanced on your spine, your arms and legs uncrossed and your feet firmly placed on the floor.

Although most of the action is in your abdomen when you breath diaphragmatically, your chest does move a little. As you inhale, first your abdomen, then your middle chest, and then your upper chest will rise in one smooth movement.

Once you know what it feels like to breathe diaphragmatically, you can use this option to deepen and slow your breath even more. Inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Take long, slow deep breaths that raise and lower your abdomen. Practice diaphragmatic breathing for about five or ten minutes at a time, once or twice a day.

Inhale diaphragmatically as you say to yourself “breathe in”.

Hold your breath a moment before you exhale.

Exhale slowly and deeply as you say to yourself “relax”.

Pause and wait for your next natural breath.

As you inhale slowly and then hold your breath for a moment, notice the parts of your body that tense up.

As you exhale, feel the tension naturally leaving your body.

Take care. Stay at home.